One of the most common questions I receive as a practicing arts/entertainment attorney is, "How can I get in touch with the copyright or trademark office and get the application forms?"

The following is some information needed to contact and obtain application forms from these offices:

TRADEMARKS & SERVICEMARKS - 24 hour automated patent & trademark info line and to obtain trade/service mark forms: (703)557-3881 To talk to a human (8:30-5 Mon-Fri): (703)308-HELP. The cost to register a federal mark is $245.00 per mark per class.

To obtain state trade/service mark, contact your local Secretary of State's office. For Rhode Island, the number is (401)277-2340 and the cost is $50.

To search for the availability of a particular mark, an attorney should be retained, but some of the trademark written/database records are available at one public library in each state. In RI: The main branch of the Providence Public Library and the URI Library in Kingston, RI.

COPYRIGHTS - 24 hour automated info line and to obtain copyright forms: (202)707-9100 To talk to a human (8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri): (202)707-3000. The cost to register a copyright is $20 per application. If the work, or works, to be registered are unpublished, many of them can registered together with one application and filing fee, as long as you provide a single title for the whole filing. For those interested in registering a copyright the most often used forms are:

VA - For works of Visual Art

PA - For works of Performing Art

SR - For Sound Recordings

TX - For non-dramatic Literary Works

PATENTS FYI: The cost of registering a Patent with the Federal Patent & Trademark office is currently $710.00. If you are an individual, small business or non-profit organization, the cost is $355.00. 24 hour info line: (703)557-3881. Cost of obtaining information booklet & forms: $2.25

BEWARE OF OLD COPYRIGHT FORMS. For those of you who file their own copyright registrations, you may have extra forms from the copyright office that are now a bit outdated. If your forms state that the filing fee is Ten ($10) dollars per application, that information is incorrect. Effective January 3, 1991, the filing fee for most copyright registration is Twenty ($20) dollars per application.

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